Solved no need to debate anymore

Can anyone here help to solve DADE problem?
Okay its done. Thank you


lol… first ever game?


Figures. Re-opening was a horrible decision. Merging seems much more logical.


yup agreed merging was always the better solution. of course there would be a huge power gap with newbies thrown in with old. sounds like what you complain about is pretty standard for every server. nothing to see here


So it is a normal condition right? @GGBSBN @WalkingDisaster
Sorry for post nothing

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The top faction helped newcomers to DADE a lot. Despite the whining and negativity from the other old factions.

The top faction withdrew from comps for weeks, if not months, allowing new people and new factions to win prizes to leg them up. Even now our players sit back when a competitive newbie wants top prize.

What happened? The other two factions swooped in and greedily took top prizes.

So top faction moved in again, kicking out more than half of its inactive members and took in a roster of newbies. Over 2 months we sifted through people who were eager to play and those just region hopping. We put time into teaching, advising and helping out anyone who approached us or who asked for help on global.

There are now about a dozen ‘newbie’ individuals outside the top faction who can beat every player, except 2, in the top faction. And some have their number now too.

Its easy to bleat and moan about the top faction but reality is;

  • nobody can hold territories forever, and unlike the rest of the factions we don’t stack territories when we get them.
  • there will always be a top faction.
  • the game is competitive, whining about a competitive game being competitive is, well, ridiculous.

What do you want the top faction to do? Stop playing? Considering over 60% of our players started around the same time as you, it should be less about what you can do about us and more about what you can do for yourself. There is no reason why you can’t be as strong as our new players if you spent more time on the game and less time being crude and/or rude in global chat.


It may sound harsh but im fed up hearing about the DADE problems, first that they are dead and were willing to help everyone if it’s opened, now it’s opened and the problem is that they dont help anyone etc etc

whoever joined it thinking the top faction members would split and create 5 or so competetive teams to introduce balance to the region is clearly not right in their head. those top guys have played together for years and will not split for the sake of balance. and of course they will take what they want and win everything, purely because they can


That part is completely not true, nor this is a game anymore nor it 's competitive. If black Friday is competition then this game is. And as zombay said - you accumulated “players” into one faction and it obviously isn’t making game competitive but instead monopolized. If you continue like that, expect people to sober up and region will die, again.


We accumulated newbies, shots in the dark mostly. Some turned out to be awesome spenders, some don’t spend. Some are very competitive, some go with the flow. Some have great teams, some… not so great. We haven’t cherry picked the best of the best. We have taken in some who asked to join and if they fit into the group and have the right personality then they stay, regardless of how deep their pockets are or how high they climb comp ladders. But if we took all the best players/biggest spenders then yes it would be boring and there would be no competition.

Every tournament we ensure its not all top faction in the top 10. We lower teams for war when asked. We relax in faction comps and let other factions win. And just cop mockery, belittling crudeness and outright bitter nastiness from other players constantly. But its not fair to claim we didn’t help,

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Every region is like this. The top factions always have the best players apart from a select few.
CRW is the top event now and winning those give the best rewards. To win one you kinda have to be a bit selfish.

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Yes but you hit the problem that is getting all regions - if there isn’t different level of factions and playing (which actually isn’t anyone mistake here, scopely is forcing p2p) player base will crumble. For cross region events you should compete with best team, but for sake of region you should have maximized number of new factions from old factions - at least it would feel like competition (even if every player from top would make 1 new faction, prizes aren’t that great to be missed). It isn’t anymore how this game should be played, it has fairly simple curve until you bump into paywall so not much to teach others, better let them explore.

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We have around 25 factions in the region at the moment that regularily put up scores, the problem is, the factions 2-5 infight, merge, break apart, reform and splinter. The top faction has a pretty locked in membership now, but we have lost players to real life.
Ergo, we continue to get stronger as a team while the others are jumping around like jelly beans. Until they firm up and fight together as factions instead of playing cloak and dagger, they will not have a chance to get strong enough to be really competitive.
However, they don’t see this. Its easier to just sit back, whine and call us a bunch of meanies.


I can see our region divided into 3.

  1. TWD and their friends
  2. Faction who dont like TWD and their friends. (who want a REVOLUTION)
  3. Neutral faction (who choose to play safe)

When someone from “TWD’s friends” on top ranked in solo. You let it happens.
When someone from “faction who dont like TWD” on top of table. Your members are just taking it back.

@Tully You are the one who asked DADE to reopen.
And your friend @GGBSBN Said merging is always better descision.
But you guys let it happen. Keep trying to REOPEN DADE. For what?
For your own sake?

But thanks for bringing me here just to see your throne.

*old faction called “TWD”

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I don’t understand most of that. But I feel there were more negative digs at me for daring to lay out how things actually are?

You may be projecting what your own faction does on us, your alliances and ‘bring my faction down’ vendettas keep us amused.

As I said above, if you guys stopped hating on us because we are there and started playing the game instead of whining and sniping on global, you might be competitive enough to topple us with skill and strength.

Yes we lobbied hard for help. And we got help. Would we have preferred a merge? Of course! But any port in a storm.

And I didn’t bring anyone anywhere, you made the OP…

Anywhoo, nice as always to see other Dade happy folk on the forums :laughing:

OP just sounds butthurt. It’s the same in most regions, top factions hold what they want the majority of the time and win the majority of events.

Cream rises to the top. You want to compete more you need to work harder (or spend more amirite)

Band together with other factions, make your own alliances. Don’t bitch on the forums about the people at the top winning or holding everything. Some people seem to want the rewards for competing handed to the on a plate


Yea, i mean. Because of you im in DADE. Thanks for that
And yea i know it. I just feel it isnt fair. For almost every newcomer. And yours newcomer will forget how they feel out of your throne.
Sorry ,didnt mean to hurt you guys.

@Scroopy And yea im butthurting. But it always so hard to reduce the gap betweem old and new player. Thats why iam asking here. Maybet there is a solution. Istead of jerking each other in global chat.


I will agree that the barrier to entry in older regions is ridiculous. You literally can’t catch up just by grinding anymore.


I mean that’s not entirely true. I’m not sure what faction the OP is in but if these new players of your have been in your top faction and getting the rewards for 6 months, how can you possibly expect others that started at the same time to be at the same level without the rewards.

Put yourself in the position of a new player joining Dade… you wouldn’t be happy either. It was really a piss poor decision. Opening dead regions isn’t the answer. Merging is. And if you merge and don’t like the competition and quit, that’s better than forcing new players to join other who have been playing for two years.



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I am generally reluctant to add any commentary to these threads but i’ll step outside my comfort zone for just a moment to add my thoughts.

First I would like to add a disclaimer, my apologies to anyone who could care less about Dade’s baby momma drama, but then again, you didn’t have to read the post thread to begin with.

The root of the challenge for the noobs of Dade centers on the fact that most were completely new to the game and were dumped in Dade as their first region. Those who figured out the back story quick enough, packed up and left for a fresh, new region or quit the game entirely. There were some, however, who didn’t realize the state of the region till they had already established an account. While I agree that most every region ultimately ends up with one hegemonic faction, the problem is amplified in Dade, as the bulk of the OG Dade players are in the that hegemonic faction. Competing with three year old accounts is not an appealing proposition for those looking for competitive balance.

Admittedly, I don’t know many of the players in the top faction and I am not here to throw stones, but the narrative that is being presented here is not entirely accurate from my perspective. I’m not going to pick it apart line by line, but suffice it to say there are two sides to every story and somewhere in between is where the truth lies.

The best advice that I can give to the originator of this thread and any other noobs in Dade, is to decide whether you are up to the challenge or not. There are newer regions out there you can move to. You will find that better players migrate to the top no matter what region you go to, but at least the playing field will be slightly more level. Should you decide to stay in Dade, remain patient. This is a difficult game to fast track without spending a lot of money. Lastly, in the new meta, the best defenses are still mediocre at best, with some effort, you can best those guys eventually. The road to glory is all too often paved in disappointment.

That’s my two cents, if it’s even worth that. The goose is now going back into lurk mode. best of luck and stay classy Dade.

Goose out