[Solved] Arenas Entry Question

I have a question about the Arenas Entry Boosts. I tried searching for it before creating a thread but I didn’t find it, so bear with me if it’s been asked and answered before.

I’ve only been doing single entries at a time but I’d like to do the multiple entrances in 1.
If I do the 4 or 10 entries in 1 do I keep the same team for all of the entries or will some of my toons get worn out after the first 5 attacks like normal?

If it’s endurance random toons will be worn out after each entry.

You lose characters. I think you lose 3 but able keep 1 of those your losing

I think this is what you mean:
So if you are in endurance mode and use a x10 tickets for x7 bonus -> You only attack the normal number of times (5 times you can attack I believe) and instead of players being worth say 3000pts, they would be worth 3000 x 7 = 21,000 pts. When you finish your 5 attacks, 3 toons will be exhausted and you can decide which one you will recover. Basically, by using the multiplier you earn more pts in less time, but less bang for your buck since 4 tickets for x3 and 10 tickets for x7. It helps when you do not have a deep roster to use the multiplier

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You use 1 team that is the advantage and only attack one once. You are spending 10 tickets but only get a 7x multiplier. So if you got 10 attacks that can win you are better off using single tickets but most of us dont.

Awesome, thanks everyone its much appreciated :+1::+1:

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