Solution to the ascendables drought



I guess the current reason why we don’t have different war rewards and ascendable 5* characters is the same as it has been. Staffing issues and the additional time needed to create 6* characters, because you need to create a 5* and a 6* character.

There is a very very very simple solution to this problem. I am certain there are a plethora of characters in incredibly limited circulation throughout the game. Think the 1 time war reward red Andrea, for example. Why not make an ascendable version of these incredibly rare characters, pt them in the promo, then use the left over time to work on legacy toons, war rewards, etc?

Scopely would still get paid, because their rarity would in essence make it a new toon to the vast majority of players, the players would get the war rewards and legacy toons we want, AND it would greatly increase the legacy toons list. Seems like a win, win, win, to the point that I’m amazed it isn’t happening already.


The thing being with old toons being made into 6stars is you still need 9 5 stars to assend and who has enough to upgrade every1 they have so money will be made.
Not every1 has every 5 star so people will still pull for them if the 6star version is worth it money will be made.
And if making rewards better makes players happy, keeps them playing and keep spending it will make money.


Exactly my thought process. I’d wager less than 1% of the active player population has that red Andrea. The one that was given to the faction that had the highest overall score out of all regions.


Well i know i dont have that one lol


I wouldn’t know the percentages, but you get the idea. Just like kay, nobody pulled for her because she wasn’t ascendable, but she’s in the wheel now, so who knows? Lots of very rare 5* toons out there in the world.


I have her and the first crw maggie thank you rngesus from the 5* tokens, plus I got red andrea twice on the 5* tokens in 2 seperate pulls.


Is she available in the token wheel? I’m talking about the one that has the helmet. Almost looks like mirabelle’s 6* was based off her.


I’ll give a watch at the wheel again. But I am fairly confident that she is in the 5* token wheel. CRW command yellow maggie is in the 5* wheel.



Meet the new boss, same as the old boss




Too late.

All of the 5* are now valued at US$11 and got thrown into the wheel like trash. Mean while, your 5* token pulls will always be the likes of Sophia that is 100% fodder - aka fancy Benedict. (did I mention I tried to get a Joshua through medals and got THREE back-to-back Sophias? it was the best feeling)

My prediction for war next week:

Placement finishes:

  • Legendary gear (have as many as you need because gps/canteens are only available via stash at 10,000+ coins anyways)
  • Legendary active skill trainers in RNG crates (not the rush ones, sorry - those are only for CRW)
  • Elite item tokens (not 5* tokens, sorry - handing out 10,000 at US$11 would be too much - those are for CRW)

Meanwhile, there will be a ascendable 5*/6* promo in premier recruit - because we all need to spend US$500+ to be special and shiny so that we can compete for our US$50-worth of prizes during the highlight feature event aka war.


I ascended all my maxed 4* yellows that I could care less about and got Sophia, gator, oberson, Annie, annie, annie, and annie. I would consider trying again but after the 4th annie in a row. I think it would be best not to try for anything else but to get another annie.

Wouldn’t you agree?


It’s the hard knock life…for you


Ha my ignorance has blessed me with back to back eric’s from ascending 2 tough’s. I think I’m done ascending for good. With all those characters in the ascendence probability and I get multi’s of the same ones back to back to back to back. Anyone else having as much fun as me with these wonderful ascendables?


The ascendable probabilities suck so bad


Took me 2 tries for Sid, 10 for Rosa, and still haven’t got Red Josh yet.

Hasn’t been that bad. Lots of Abraham’s though.


Yep. Game’s rng sucks balls. Got Red Glenn back to back. Got Oberson back to back and got Carly back to back. With the last 4 all I wanted was a freaking CLEM! lol

Kept one Carly the rest were used as fodder. Better luck next time.


What could be better than 3 Sophia’s? 4!


I have two…:confused: