Solution to region merging

Solution to region merging:

Right now most players want a Region Merging, but Scopely is afraid of doing so because they think it will affect top faction’s that were previous 1st place and gonna be kicked to 6th depending with what region they merge.
Since 1st place faction’s are the biggest spender’s, they do not want to lose profit. It is a fair argument from the point of view of business

So i came up with a solution that will deal with it.

First: Do not merge region’s. First place’s will keep being first on those dead region’s.
Second: Create a big region for each language, they will be called GLOBAL REGIONS (Example)
So US will land on GLOBAL-EN region’s, Brazilians on GLOBAL-PT region’s and so on. One region for each language

ALL players from every region’s will be able to individually migrate to that HUGE region. So as an example, i am currently on EVANS-PT i will be able to transfer once to GLOBAL-PT, no going back after this transfer.

ALL future CRW from global regions will always be against global regions
Regular regions will still exist and keep their future crw and event’s just like it is now.

That way we deal with the 2 bigest issues of the region merge:

  1. Players on dead region’s wanting to merge will be able to transfer to a big populated region
  2. Players that enjoy being first will keep playing on their dead region’s.

You can add some requeriment’s to allow people to transfer such as 1000 coin’s

My whole faction would migrate if that happened.


They said on previous post the problem is with the migration part. They don’t have that setup.

That is pretty easy to solve, any monkey can code the setup for the migration.

Hold back on combat mod’s (wich will make more people leave) and they can do it pretty fast

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Just giving you the answer they provided. Have great day.

Still only 1-2 monkeys could code this very fast.

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Then please go apply and fix this so we can move accounts :slight_smile:

They mistake the application, should be: -Do you pay to win?


Mods may be there worst idea yet


Some faction mates already said they will probably leave if it becomes another “reset” on the game like 6* was

See, it was fast lol

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