Solution suggestion for weak AF 6*


Ok we’ve beaten the horse that is “well that’s your fault for ascending shitty toons too early” discussion.

Lets talk about solutions to the problem of garbage toons.

Allow us to sell them to the depot for Ascendance medals and 70% beneditcs.

This is standard for other mobile games, they offer “reset” tokens that are rare, yet allow a reset usually at a 80% refund rate.

Anyone with Beta, Yumiko, Barker, Negan etc… is probably stuffing them in a tower right now.


Great idea!

I really like my Yumiko and Barker though. :wink:


Better yet, just use them to ascend a different 5* instead of the 8 currently as an alternative?


So do I, but they are useless toys and do not fit the meta.

While my Barker team absolutely destroys blue defenses almost as fast as turn 1 teams did against 5*, almost nobody runs a blue defense.

Yumiko is cute, has confuse and DoT burn. But she’s useless on defense and basically a replacement level player



I run into this quite a bit. I focus on attack. I found def was the expensive part of the game and I don’t get to play it. Guess I should have qualified my response. Barker was a beast in faction assault with Zeke. I will use him on SR later today. I still think Yumiko is my best raider.


This is the key to all discussions of the meta.

The meta is about defense, what works, what doesn’t, why and what attacks render “good defenses” worthless. This is known as the point in time when the “meta is broken”

For example turn 1 rush teams broke the meta, because you could wipe an entire team before they get to attack, it as nonsense and the primary reason 6* came out (if you discount the money being the real reason)

Right now “good defenses” are almost completley RNG based. and even the best “good defenses” are easily beatable by most top 5 factions


Defense is all about the trait weapons. Maybe even moreso in the era of 6s. Doesn’t matter how strong your attack team is if a team full of abs and stuns, never let them pop. If we see a non-legacy 6* shield, that’s the day I retire. I have every shield except Magna, so I’m hoping for legacy.


Def doesn’t add anything to the game for me.


Understandable, because you are not playing the meta.

However the topic is about weak AF 6*, and by “weak” we mean the meta.

These toons are replacement level for the meta. Meaning any of those weak 6* will do the same as any other. (and none of them are any good on defense, which defines the meta)


Look at what happened with Revive, first revive was non-legacy.

Whats to say this wont be the case with everything else.


Fair enough. Seems odd to worry about toons in a part of the game I don’t play. My bad. Have fun!


No worries, people play the game for different reasons.

Some people really enjoy hoarding and the level ups, … diff strokes I suppose


use them in territories and move on :slight_smile:


Yumiko is good. I agree that beta barker and yellow negan are bad though


90% of what makes her good is her outfit.

BTW I use her a lot because I like confuse, but Siddiq blows her away in terms of effectiveness on either side of the ball