Solution found to throw away excess wood

I’m sure like me you only ever really use one workshop, so to get rid of excess wood salvage a workshop then rebuild it to highest level you can free skip upgrade to according to you prestige. then salvage and rebuild. Repeat this process until you are woodless


Not material post workshops

These ones

I have started doing those a few weeks ago. Just to get rid of surplus wood. :frowning:

The whole excess wood issue is ridiculous and I had well over a million during the last SR tourney. A more sensible solution would be for Scopely to give us something to build that only requires wood.


Wood to food conversion center would be my top choice for a solution to this annoyance.


How about lowering the wood income from SR and increasing the food because that’s what we need?

Oh wait… sorry, that’s a GOOD idea. You’re right… It will never happen


Do you not see the offers to buy food for money/coin? They know of this, and they are monetizing it. Just keep building dem grenades…


Also… just keep dissassembling all ur weps… 1* 2* … that eats a fair amount

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Show some love for the vegans. Make wood become food!


tried this once before but it was too time consuming to be effective imo.

As coldplay would say “nobody said it was easy”

I destroyed all my wood storages and am building them back up. During a raid or sr tour I do 90% of what I’m going to in one shot so only have to burn it once when I’m done

Lol just like the real zombie apocalypse, materials everywhere but food is scarce

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