Solution for ghosted towers

Easiest solution to the ghosted towers problem is to make it so the faction doesn’t get the tower buff unless a defense is placed. It’s an unfair advantage to ghosting since it takes nonskill but determined by internet speed and connection

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Or get good at towers.


No skill but only a few seem to master it.

Hmmmm conundrum

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Or hire an exorcist.

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Not really I am on the road a lot when I’m at home I get towers when I’m in hotel I don’t…

Or… we can stay with the current system and let Scopely fix actual issues



A few? not hard to Master

:ghost: Ghosts in the towers you say. It’s been a while since this old chestnut has been resurrected. :smirk:

With all the problems and bugs in the game is this really the first thing that needs to be addressed?


Or be like the French regions and use speed hacks, getting tired of this BS

It would give Scopes a feeling of accomplishment to fix anything in the game, a simple thing like this is probably something they can manage sometime before 2020. Nah, but 25 new promos, no problemo. :man_shrugging:

Nah, simplest solution: you only get your rewards fot winning it in the first place if you have a team in after the 5 mins are up.

They’d need to increase the chances of war can drops though.

We are all entitled to our views. And some of us can express them without having to swear.

Simplest solution to get Scopely to stop people ghosting towers is to show them the war can inventory of a tower ghoster

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Kinda surprised and disappointed to see some of the top tier factions ghosting with a shrug and just saying ‘its part of the game’ tbh

I’m not in a top faction and we ghost effectively. Actually we stack the ‘best’ tower and ghost the other two. Just a case of getting everyone used to doing it (which took about 3 wars in our case). I have no issue with it. More war cans for free and less energy required. What’s the problem with that?


So true bet my old faction has 900+ cans by now just from the ghosting part.

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