Solution: Calendar keeps Unpinning


I see many folks asking “where is the calendar” and I also had this problem where it became unpinned most of the time. This worked for me.

To fix check 2 things:

  1. Select avatar at the top right side of the forum screen and select preferences (the little gear rop right).
  2. Select Interface from the list on the left side.
  3. Uncheck: Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom
  4. Save changes.

5. Open the Calendar and scroll to the bottom. Check that it is Pinned Globally;


Some of us have try that it doesn’t work for everyone sadly.


At the bottom of the Calendar you should make sure that it is Pinned Globally.


Thank you my lord, it works. :smiley:


@Sovereign I updated the solution - thanks for reminding me! This type of problem drives me up the wall :slight_smile:


The forums also include a bookmarks feature that’s very handy.

On a post you want to bookmark, tap the ellipsis at the bottom of the post:

Then tap the bookmark icon. If it’s blue, it’s in your bookmarks:

To get to your bookmarks, tap your avatar then the bookmarks: