Solo War Idea new type of tournament?

I propose the idea of having solo war tournament. People sign up for a war and they randomly get teamed up with 7 other people in the region (who also signed up) and then they match with 8 other people (who were randomly assigned as a team). They war like a regular war but their points are counted individually in a solo tournament. Winning team gets bonus points for each person on that team. Does that sound complicated? I think it’ll be an interesting way to war. Imagine being put in a team with your enemy or fighting against your own faction with your enemy.


What happens when gen A hates gen B and 0s with a Burt to troll ppl? I wouldn’t like having to rely on strangers personally. Or they could do it with some tokens rewards and nobody would give a shit about it :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not relying on them to get your own individual points, winning as a team gets bonus points but individual score is calculated separately. Just an idea :). I wouldn’t want to team up with my enemy either lol but it would be something different. Probably gonna take them some time to come up with something new.

I really wouldn’t mind a 24 hour 5* or below blitz war during the week


This wouldn’t work simply because people would join up and go afk just for the bonus points. World of Warcraft had this problem in battle grounds and they ended up with more afk than actual people battling

Meh… So id get teamed up with people who rarely play or just suck. Nah I’d pass on it. The game is so boring this wouldn’t entice me. Only one person of course…

LOL. My priya team is still ready. It’ll just be were we left off unless you went really deep into ascension.

I disagree. With this there would be no waiting for faction team mates to join up and with a much larger pool to choose from there should be less wait time. With no faction points at stake there is no point in being a ‘filler’, you only get points for activity.

I love this idea. Reduced waiting times, using the period before war to sort out tactics, warring whenever you are ready. Brilliant suggestion.

The OP stated that the winning team would get bonus points. I’m not sure what you by you only get points for activity. If the team wins, the afk player or or one attack player would receive the team bonus points. Its simple. Join up, attack once, go afk. Done get points. Save cans.

I mean, it doesn’t have to be a lot but there has to be something offered for the winning team. If not points, then it could be anything but there has to be something, you know.

There’s also the ranking for 1st 2nd and 3rd like war battles where first gets a war can, so if someone afk’s or didn’t do much, they’ll be at the bottom like in regular war battles.

There would be no point in the winning team getting bonus points because it would be a different team everytime - the bonus points would have to go to individual players and be based on their performance. I honestly see no point in people regularly going afk - even if people just use the initial 4 energy. You’re right in that people may be reluctant to burn through cans with no faction loyalty to drive that but if the individual bonus point rewards are sufficient then people will try for them. If the top milestones are worth going for then people will spend to get them. This is, essentially, a solo war. Nobody goes afk during a solo raid tourney and this could be designed to reward activity.