Solo trophy’s in leagues

I’m trying to get demoted in leagues and I have not raided since the raid tourney and I have not done any territories just level up and using my energy but somehow I still get points I text support and they said I been raiding but my energy is full and it has been ever since raid tourney any one know why I’m getting these points I’m now not in the demotion zone cause of this

Arenas? Don’t you get league trophies when someone skips your defense in arenas?

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Change your defense team in Arenas cause that’s how you been getting league point still. Doesn’t matter if you doing something or not to get league points. If your arena defense team defend against them you’ll still get points anyway.

Do you do arenas maybe?

Of course :slight_smile:

How far are you trying to get demoted? Seems like if you are getting enough trophies from Arenas for doing absolutely nothing, you are already in a pretty easy league.

I’m trying the same but war is upon us so no chance

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Can’t get demoted below platinum. It’s silly - platinum I is unreasonably unbalanced and needs to be reviewed. Not fair for anyone.

You also get placing a for survival road tournaments, I think.

I was extremely annoyed this week - scored a whopping 30 in leagues and got promoted to gold 2, despite all the other players in my league getting 30 not being promoted. That ain’t right.

Thank you I did not no u get points for that in arenas that is prob it

I am in platinum 4 I still partake in events for prizes but been doing this for months and I have always been gettin extra points and there are times it has affected me not getting demoted

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