Solo Survival Road Walker Reflect Damage


I thought that if you attack these walkers with reflect damage with an adrenaline rush that there would be no reflect damage effect. That has been what I have heard over and over again, but I just attacked a walker with an adrenaline rush and it still reflected the damage. I want to know if this is a bug or if this is the way it has always worked or did they change things or what? Answers please. To clarify even more, I hit this walker with 5* ascendable Dwight’s adrenaline rush. The first hit killed this walker and then the second hit killed a different walker that did not have reflect damage special ability.



The damage reflected because Dwight’s two attacks from his AR count as “normal” attacks, not rush attacks. This is the same reason he sometimes gets stunned, procs abs def, and triggers double attack from a weapon when he is rushing. Working as intended.


Well isn’t this a shit sandwich. Thanks for the info.



Why yes it is.


The bigger question is, why havent you ascended Dwight? :four_leaf_clover:


Not like he is keeping him for the 45 AP because even that isn’t maxed. May be low on fodder? Tokens?


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I ascended him because I had no blue crit leader. Had to use a 3s toon for blue crit. Finally got Kenny, but Dwight doing 4 attacks with his weapon is pretty awaome.


T4 Tyreese + T4 Duhwhite on attack is uhhmazing


I think it’s actually called a “turd” sandwich.



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