Solo Survival Road Start Times 13th (14th) Nov 2017


If your timezone is missing from this list, you can click on the following link to show the start time in your local time: -> Link to my local start time.

Disclaimer: Start times are subject to change.

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This is actually really great, i hope you continue this


I like the disclamer… sounds familiar somehow


Thank you


Thank you!!! You’re awesome!


Leader it would be good to code the link so it opens in a separate page or tab. Might also be worth while coding in a heads up you are leaving the forums and opening a new link.


Thank you all for the positive feedback, this is definitely something I will continue doing for the forums as well from now onwards. :slight_smile: @bumshoe thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely keep that in mind for my future posts!

Closing this thread now and unpinning since the SR tournament has started. Good luck, all!

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