Solo Survival Road info


I saw the info on the level up what is the info on the survival Road


I just hope they have offers for cans this time around…


Thank you good member heart pressed for you


The last 10 events have been copy n paste


Could be much worse it’s far from terrible. Get a Benedict, Lillith, and a Ulysses for your time. If you’re busy you only need to beat silver for the badges.


But only a 36 hour duration with 152 natural energy for 125 stages, so short on sleep or in to your pocket. There is that Ca$h First Scopelytude we’ve come to expect. No reason this couldn’t have same duration as level up. Unless of course they are starting the SLUT before the FLUT ends.


Could be worse it could be 24 hrs. I do miss the 1 free can they used to give out and as far as deals go SR has the best one in the game. It’s pretty cheap and gives enough cans to do it for the next 2 or 3 as well.

I also suffer from insomnia most nights so I generally wake up every few hours. Works great for SR not so much for anything else in life. lol


Thats if they actually do it this time


Yes I’m hoping for the survival Road offer


Yeah, they we’re oddly gone last SR…


It’s kind of sad what we come to know as “cheap” in order to play the game though.