Solo Survival Road - Completion milestones rewards

Survival markers as completion milestones rewards?!
Please tell us you’re joking, @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely:expressionless:
Why not use that slot for some decent rewards, like some collectibles, and award us survival markers for completing stages, like in daily SR?! The SR has already become a challenge with the latest update, now we have to grind at it for some rewards that aren’t even 0.1% worth it, just so we can upgrade some characters that are most likely never gonna be used???


Speaking for myself, I think the survival markers are a great completion reward. Coming from someone who hasn’t grinded out daily SR in years and has a low amount of SR markers in total, the bonus markers I can get from here help with getting the gear I need for Lee. Not to mention those platinum mods are 400k a pop.

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So 80k markers total are a decent reward, considering the sum needed for mods or special gear?!
You can get those during daily SR…
We’re talking about months and months of daily grind just so we upgrade a character that is never gonna be used, and get a mod set. During these months, there are gonna be at least 3 more S Class released, rendering said characters useless (if not already).
So for me, those rewards are pretty much zero, considering they could have been included in SR, like on the daily one.


Completely agree with the OP.

And as for the platinum mods, even at 280k on extreme sale, they are ridiculously overpriced. No way in hell will I ever spend that much for a mod that will likely be something completely useless to me. For example, a crit set, bonus atk while impaired, or life steal.

At that price I am 100% good with only gold modsn

The rewards are trash

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I am fine with them adding Survival Markers to rewards BUT ONLY IF they it’s not taking the spot of something else. With so many items and collections and things needed to progress in this game the rewards structure needs to be improved and include more reward item slots.

Not worth the grind, and tbh SR rewards have never represented the amount of effort needed to complete


They should have put another zero on the end of the milestones.

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They are better than the next solo level up rewards. This one made me laugh when I saw it

I was just about to post that lol. In fact i’ll post a better one

Is it still laopo collectibles

Not showing what collectibles in the box sorry


What’s in the box.jpg

Again… :roll_eyes:

These rewards just suck, there are more than 3 people in a region👎

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