Solo Survival Road 20th (21st) December 2017 Start Times

More nugget nummies!

Rank rewards:
1: 10000 gold nuggets, 4000 elite item tokens
2: 6300 gold nuggets, 2500 elite item tokens
10 - 3: 3800 gold nuggets, 1500 elite item tokens
100 - 11: 2200 gold nuggets, 900 elite item tokens
200 - 101: 1250 gold nuggets, 500 elite item tokens
1000 - 201: 600 gold nuggets, 200 elite item tokens

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Disclaimer: Prizes and start times are subject to change.



Is there a reason why several of these events are paired with unscheduled events that prevent us from allowing our fac mates down time or mercs to.return to their facs? We have had fac raid with solo level up just recently and now we have fac level up? No announcement?

Buddys wife in Richmond is following the schedule, why are we getting this plethora of unneccessary tournaments?