Solo SR prizes suggestions


Previously you gave us Javier for completing Legendary stage of the SR tournament.

Can we maybe get an ascendable character this time around for completing the milestone.

Maybe Carl ( lots of people don’t have him unlike Mirabelle that was thrown at us)

Or even Yumiko / Barker / something ascendable.


Lmfao, Carl for finishing Legendary? Hell, even the other prizes are too good to give out like that tbh.


Well since they did say that there is an imbalance of Mirabelle vs Carl… doesn’t hurt to ask and not be so negative about it.

Sling your hate at scopley


Yea I agree everyone has mira. She is just about every ones lead in chambers.


Rewards are on vk already.


People are already upset about the lack of variety, I certainly hope scopely doesn’t do this and make it worse


Any chance you can post pictures?