Solo SR .. 43hours long?


Solo Survival Road: Wed 2:00pm - Fri 9:00am

That’s what the calendar says. That long, really? @JB.Scopely


That’s plenty time for F2P to complete it - that’s fair enough! I’ll race you to 1m lol


Not everyone has time to be on the game 24/7. Some of us have jobs, school, families, etc. I think it’s generous, finally.


The mid week Sr has been that long a for a good while now, just the odd one gets shortened






Milestones are very nice, thats why I ask


All SR should be (approaching) 48 hours.

The milestones are ok, not exactly mind blowing.
One piece of gear per tier -meh.
Scraps - meh.
Trainers - meh except Lilith.

I’ll take them, but I won’t like it :wink:


Scraps are useful for majority of ppl, especially in that amount.



I didn’t say they weren’t useful. Even that glove will come in handy at some point. But they’re hardly premium so there’s no incentive for scopely to deny them to active f2p players


I vaguely remember when we were getting a Benedict, Lillith, and Ulysses for completing the SR. Bring that trio back. No one cares about the 3 and 4-star trainers unless you up them to like 5 each.

Single pieces of farmable gear are an insult as a reward.

I like the scraps. If you are struggling for filler make it scraps because it’s a joke that it takes 50k to get your gold mod from 10-15.

The top 100 and 200 rewards are always lacking. It takes cans to finish top 100 since transfers so now the least you can do is make it worthwhile. A single small chance for a gold mod is not worth spending money on.


Frankly, until they start another earring/dog leash/random object collection up for that 6-star gear I don’t see much point in putting any real effort into any solo event.


True that.

I’ll probably finish it just for the Lilith but 1x Lilith and 1x Double Holster is not a huge incentive


Don’t like those milestone rewards tbh


Yeah i’m sitting this one out


43 hours as per normal?


41.5 is about normal. 1d 17.5hours

an extra couple hours is no biggie.
Means some of us wont need to get up extra early or stay up extra late.
Thanks Scopely!


Such a Stupid thread. No one likes short SR tourneys… Go away.


Nope. Same as always - the OP has clearly made a minor misunderstanding, because this is pretty much the usual duration. Converting it to my timescales, it is the usual 10pm Wednesday to 5pm Friday London time that most SR tournaments are - when Scopely don’t shorten it to 24 hours of course…