Solo Raid - Upcoming Event


Does anybody know of an updated event calendar? Looks to me that the current solo levup is the last thing everyone is aware of

Are we getting a response?

pictures please. I don’t see it on the vk site.



10AM pst


Me likey!


Thanks :+1:t2:


Thanks for the pics. More vests. :+1:




20 legendary medals for top 100? Stingy lol


T4 gear. They have proven that they dont want to make it easy.


Hopefully the players who couldn’t do some of the higher level up milestones can grab these vests… a few people said they wanted a raid of some sort and all they had to do is wait… :confused:

I have noticed a lot of people sort of jump the gun when it comes to these long events and draw premature conclusions about whether or not they will get the final prizes. At the one week mark where there was still 7 days left in the event, a lot were jumping to conclusions that they were not going to achieve Dwight. Dwight was harder to achieve than Ezekiel, which was almost like a “Shiva Force” promotion freebie. I am not talking super freebie like :tough: Waste Not Glenn or Tripp but the Shiva Force & New Threat characters are good characters and merit some sort of benchmarks to achieve them.

About the event calendar @Aaron_Thompson, I know Shane is off for the holiday but will follow up on Monday.


I like it , nice


I would guess some jumped to this conclusion about Dwight because quite a few are still missing rifle parts. With no extra rifle parts making an appearance I understand the assumption about Dwight.


I was talking about the vests. The rifle parts are a different story. There is a thread about the rifle parts catch up already.


I understand you mentioned vests. I also understand people being worried about extra vests because there have been no extra rifle parts. I try to have faith in Scopely but until I see extra rifle parts I will assume it is another attempt to wait until the timer ends and then say “oops”. Obviously they came through with the vests but there was no reason to believe they would.


That is a Shane question as she was the one with the info about anymore rifle part opportunities. She said something briefly about it but I have to find her exact words.


It’s like we’re not on the same page. Weird.


Hey Mick, do you recall anything about Barbed wires? Still need 200 but have all of the vests already. Thanks


You meantioned people coming to premature conclusions about final prizes. I simply pointed out that they have cause for doing so. Talking in circles just makes me dizzy.


That is fine but once again, this topic was for vests, solo raid, and chances for milestones with a different tournament. There are topics about rifle parts if you need to discuss it.


Glad it’s not another level up… But the funny thing about raid events is that after burning a few cans most people get tired off raiding, lol. This game is so dull, but yet here I am :pensive: