Solo raid tourny giving lug nuts now also


For the raid tourney tomorrow

Lvl up tomorrow

Not bad giving everyone a 2nd option to get the lugnuts to get the toons in the museum


What’s in the milestones? Better be batteries…:scream:



Lvl up


Wonder if it’s a mistake. If it isn’t, a great change.


Wondering if the survival road rewards will start giving lug nuts as well, wouldn’t mind if it did


I would love for these to be in tournament rewards across the board to help everyone get a chance at the museum collection. This a great step forward with these collection items.


so how it use to be for the abraham and lucas event


Unless you finish in the majority of the players and still get 200 lugnuts


and then it was revamped and you could ge tthe collection item from milestones


If this stays the same forever I will be more competitive in solo raid and level up


Well time to raid again won’t stop till I get my 10k tires so I’ll be hitting milestones , getting placed and get a toon


Lmao wtf is this thread? They did the same thing the last museum collection.

If you dont finish top 2 every event you’re not getting anything with those lugnuts :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Whelp cool I can’t much for those level ups but sure as heck can destroy people in raids.Could this be a new begining to my spending? :worried:


rewards like these, and the tyer event is how they make it look like people are still trying in leagues


They never had the medals in raids. They were strictly in level ups.


When Did this happen?


in april during the lucas event


I thought you meant lug-nuts my bad.


Differently style of events.

Lucas and Abraham were designed for everyone to obtain easily even if they hit low milestones.

The current reward structure is similar to how only a certain few players would get an ascendable from winning top 3 in LUs. This reward structure is more so for players who place high in tournaments.

That difference is sigificant because Abraham/Lucas events had those collection items in addition to the normal LU, raid, etc rewards. The current collection items replaced the main rewards for LU and now raids.


it was better back then