Solo Raid Tournament Delayed - 10.29.18


We are delaying the Solo Raid Tournament, originally scheduled for 10/29 5PM PDT, to now start at 10/30 8am PDT. Apologies for the inconvenience.



Why is it delayed?


Because nobody has any raid cans left, every week hitting milestones in raid tourney without a chance of obtaining new cans it’s just bullshit.

And Yeah I know you can buy 5 every 3 weeks and get them in war but with 8 people in a war party and only second place the chances are very little


I have raid cans left. I made the sensible choice to not hit every milestones.


I did that also but with leagues I try to hit milestones to keep my rank, still have cans left but it’s getting lesser every week and like I said no way to obtain them.


Last solo raid I had to get rank 1 in the league leaderboard to even rank up to the next league lol.


There are plenty of ways to get raid cans, it all depends on how you place in war and what you want to spend your resources on.




Please tell me how I’m very curious


Come in 2nd in war, purchase raid can bags/crates for gold, buy raid can offers for $$$, scavenger missions, daily missions, etc.

Like I said, it depends how you want to prioritize using your resources, virtual or otherwise.


Use the scouting time and actually win to get raid cans as well in wars.


Is it ending at its originally scheduled time or are you extending the ending to match the delay?


So we have calender but the month of October has no went by the calender. The raid event have been off every week so no suprise again thx scopely


I’d rather have it delayed than have bugs the whole time.


I’d rather have it start when it’s supposed to without bugs but I get that stuff happens. The problem is when, for example, its scheduled to last say 48 hrs. But then gets delayed by say 18 hrs but the end time stays the same and we only get 30 hrs to complete what shoulda been 48 hour event. We should get some cans to compensate what it takes to make up for 18 hrs of lost progress we coulda had.


Who is to say it still won’t be 48 hours?


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