Solo Raid Tournament Delayed - 10.26.18 - Updated 5:27pm PDT


The Raid Tournament starting 5pm PST will be delayed while the team looks into an issue with Leagues. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Update - 4:27pm PST
We are aware of an issue with Leagues. While we investigate this issue you may see visual problems on the Leaderboard.

Update - 5:27 PDT
Final Update on the Issue can be found Here



Well, that sucks. What happened with the early League rewards is the reason, right?


I guess yes, damn I wanted these 2 Spooky token in the milestones, now I have to wait longer for my Halloween pull :c


dang it. i just want to raid already.


Yes raid would of been so much better then the back to back to back to back to back level ups. Did I miss any?


I was staying awake to raid @Shawn.Scopely how long roughly? If it takes more than an hour I’m sleeping


So am I being demoted because there were no other events worth while the entire week and this was the only time I am free the rest of the week? Not that a solo raid really is worthwhile in the least but at least was a chance to actaully get some league points. But wtg, keep screwing with us. Is at least the 3rd time this week by my count, with sr instead of raid, cancelling fac events for onslaught(lol) and solos, and now this. And I’m sure I’m missing another one


I was wondering the same thing, it shows there’s still 2+ days left but somehow I got rewards.
I haven’t collected them bc they’re the Wrong Rewards, it showing them as platinum 5 rewards. When it should be diamond 1 rewards along with a promotion to diamond 2. Hopefully I’ll get the actual rewards I busted my hump to get lol


The proper response is everyone keeps whatever was sent, and the correct rewards are sent at the normal end of the stretch. Let’s see what “inventive” fix Scopes does instead.

They certainly took bold action for WendyGate, ViktorGate, 36Gate, PickYourGate. :man_shrugging:

Well, good for Scopes, handled it the right way. :+1:


That’s why I haven’t collected them yet lol


Raid better start in 11 minutes


Were players actually demoted or did they just get the message that they were demoted?

Because I got the notification that I was promoted, but I’m still in the same rank/league as normal.


I thought you were dead, you guys and the IUGO guys not allowed on the forums anymore?




And Jack just left town


Restart app. Leagues is fixed



FInal update on the issue can be found Here.


Appreciate the communication


Do we know when the raid tourney will be started?