Solo Raid Rewards... No comment needed :(


No comment needed… This is the trend… No $$$ No fun

Weekend Topic Roundup
Are Scopely preparing to shut this game down?

5k 5* tokens for top 100, I dig it.


What about those 2-3-4* trainers as milestones , totally worth it to hit 3200 for a 4* trainer right



Top 100 likely won’t go close to 3.2k.


Free energy for me… Won’t use a single can


Maybe not even top10 will be near to 3200 , those milestones are just bs


Just when you thought they couldn’t get any worse…


Same, I rarely have to use refills just for top 100. It’s why I love raids on the most part. Regular energy always yields decent rewards.


no radio or watch, not even a freaking benedict … LOL scrapely at their best !


lets just up these milestones to make sure no one makes it.
good idea johnson, I like it.


I have to see how high I’ll get with regular energy now that you can easily get players that give 20-25 raid points now than the usual 16-19.




Guess I’ll be sleeping till CRW.

Thanks for the break scopley. :+1::raised_hands:


worst milestones ever… worst rank1-10 ever…solo raids use to be a 5 * toon… lucille tokens omg no…


Maybe they will fall from raids the red pieces I mean if not than this is a fucking joke


The price is getting better and better. I’m looking forward to pull another Negan (maybe 3 Negans!) from Lucille tokens, and Basil from milestones.

Thank you Scopely and @kalishane :))


this new threat event sorta sux.

but w.e lucille tokens lol


Here in Coosa the winning fac just scored over 20 mil in lvl up. Utter bs, and Scopley wont do nuffin.
I have evidence of who’s hacking, not that it’ll do anything.


Want better rewards? Prepare for cookie cut responses and a wealth of hackers to beat u down


You really want us to leave, Scopely.