Solo raid and 5 star Event

So - the 5 star event will end early than next solo raid will end! And many players dont close this event! Change the time next solo raid please! We are need more hammers!

This is true, have much events and no have itens for upgrade the guns,no have no more events to get these armory coins,and the missions is too hard to complete,its another trash event and other,scopely cant have a idea to do a good event is only trash events if you need spend a lot of money to complete.

The length of the five star weapon event shows that it was just for spenders rather than a chance for everyone to get a good introduction to the new weapons.


@GR.Scopely - any feedback on why the missions for the 5 star weapon event ends so soon? Seems ridiculous when most people aren’t close to the 250,000 tokens needs.

It looked like a nice introduction to five star weapons, but its been a crap shoot for most with no hope of getting a choice of two nice, but not gamebreaking, weapons

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