Solo or faction sr?


Excuse the horrible photo, the preview says solo tournament but the description says comepte as a faction

Which is it… @kalishane


Oops hahaha


Laster opp…

Nice catch, but all indicators says its solo sadly.


if you look at the rewards the last one is 800-501 so this must be a solo not faction event


You had one job descriptions guy…


Nice catch.

Would much rather have faction SR than another solo.

Prizes suck once more. I mean Laura? Out of all the 1st place war toons they could’ve offered… they put Laura and yet another Jackson (have both).

This solo SR is only good for XP points if you haven’t hit lvl 125 yet.


I ascended my Laura away, useless toon


Don’t worry. They gotta anwer ya once the event starts, the support here is da best.
Aproved 10/-9


LOL the advertisement hints at a tourney would most likely enjoy vs the crap were actually going to get.


Seems like description guy isn’t the only one who got their hopes up lol


They’re fixing!

Thank you Twisty!