Solo lvl up Wed


VK say solo lvl up 2 hours after the current one ends. This is getting ridiculous. Was supposed to start Thursday. Will there still be SR tournament ?


This shit show of level ups needs to stop… specially for the same set of crappy rinse and repeat rewards


I bet it’s another copy paste level up


Lol they are almost the same… Legendary medal instead of mods boxes though… Same toon crate as last


I already have Connie ughhhh


They will only stop when people stop going all out for this trash every damn time.


VK havent been 100% accurate recently, I think Scopes are holding things to the last minute hence all the TBC on toons.

But if this is true, then i think we’ve reached a new low


Always said this, solo level up should run more frequently. What it shouldn’t do is displace other events.


They tend to at least have the same prize toon for 2 or 3 cycles before giving us a new lower tier premium prize


No so much the copy and paste prizes that are the issue (crap as they may be), more that its yet another level up, 2hrs after the last one ended


fuck this game makes you sleep better then meds


@JB.Scopely any other changes to up coming events schedule?



We’re slightly shaking up the event schedule to insert a brand new event type to it :sunglasses:

The calendar will be shortly updated to reflect all the changes.


Please explain dude


Thank you for replying!


Cross region level up! :laughing:


Faction Onslaught?


Yeah I am guessing that as well… unless they have a brand new event thats not been tested at all


Onslaught…and it’s not even fun.
Another way to try to keep people on the game so they can’t have lives…no thanks


I level up my toons everyday no matter what. I don’t mind level ups because then you at least get something extra for doing it