Solo lvl up (VK)


VK ahead again. Milestones are good but a little bit too high.


Red michonne and red maggie. And a big LOL at the bag craftable weapon parts …


prizes still bad,
useless 5*s which are not ascendable,
very high milestones considering the rewards.

2 days of boredom here we come :joy:


Heyyyyy… rise and shine lil prince. :kissing:


@kalishane, the event token wheel contains farmable gear, but we barely get any lucille tokens from tourneys. Are the liveops afraid we’ll be getting way too many coats (or other gear for 5* toons) or they just hate us that much?


Milestones are high to say it used to be a pk and dt for 250,000…


Calendar states Mon-Tues faction level up not bothering with this one now,but knowing m luck they will cancel it like they did once before when I had a big scavenger ready to collect :frowning:


As much as the milestones are high as hell. I need to level up for war so at least I have a nice gap to get to before I get nothing =)


How many times we said enough with the million milestones… yet again more than a million. 500k would have been okay imo



I got that red Michonne from the Hold the Line event, and she was useless even then cause she barely gets you any tokens.


A few tournaments ago we got ascendable abe for 1m. Now for more than that we can get some optional crafting parts that when we use, will 99% result in what we don’t want


What time does this tourney start?


1pm est* 20:00 RU


I will get the 15,000 rewards and save resources.


“Keep Surviving!” – Scopely


1½ hour


Scopely depreciation in action.

The milestones go up, the quality of prizes goes down


A lot of solo level ups it seems. At least we have a fac level up next week. Would love to have a road map between now and then for ultra rare gear :slight_smile:


Tnx for the boobie prize also … that bag with the glue, tnx.


Its too hard to give a bag with a garanteed spray paint… SMH