Solo lvl up prizes?


R we getting 5* tokens again or those necklaces?




Hmm I believe the necklace pieces are only giving out on the weekends.


Does it really matter anymore? Wash, rinse, repeat.


Thx for the info as I have apparently been blacklisted from viewing vk site lol


Thank you!


Idk I been locked out of it for some months now lol


Hot damn, you can’t trust any info Scopely gives us these days. First CRW rewards now collection item locations?


Shame that Shane relies this info from Scopely to us and we (and by that, I mean y’all) give her so much shit for it.


I’m not blaming Shane one bit. I’m sure she is just forwarding the info she’s given. The problem lies in the fact that when clarification is requested it rarely gets an answer. They need someone whose sole job is to answer legitimate questions about the game here on the forum. If salary is an issue perhaps a group of unpaid interns. Anything would be better than being kept in the dark most of the time.


Why take away 6* gear? I get there is an event underway that has it but 2 mill is no joke put the fear back in milestones


Without necklaces, the lvl up feels…pointless.


There is knecklaces lol


Then scopley has a serious internal communication problem.


If you reach the 2M you get 5250 necklaces.
Considering the following:
800 - T2->T3 Gear
1200 - Cranc Radio / Watch
1900 - T3->T4 Gear
2400 - Canteen / GPS

You generally get he first 3 with 2M, in this case the first 3 items require 3900 Necklaces, so you still have 1350 spare you can use for additional gear.
So with this system you get more.


Yes but if they weren’t so cheap with everything they could easily give out the normal milestone rewards and throw in the medals as well.


You can make a new acct. I’ve got locked out of vk a few times and had to make new accts. Although the stuff from there is usually posted here pretty quickly anyway but I like to be able to check on everything at once without looking for multiple topics here.


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