Solo lvl up for Monday any info yet


Just wondering I like the post the information for my team


VK is silent so far


Okay thank you for the response heart pressing for you


Level up afte level up after levelu up. 3 last week 2 solo 1 faction same this coming week. It was much better when therewas maybe 1 every other week. Now its almost impossible to replinish the necessary gear feeders and food to keep doing them. Its gotten out of hand Scopley give us a break for crying out loud!!!


What other event do you want?

No one said you had to participate in every event. Skip one or two so you can do well in the following one. Just saying.


I have the gear, food (hundreds of millions) and toons. Just pick and choose the ones you want to participate in.


^^^^ what Dying said.


It sounds simple enough just skip one or two events. However im in a top faction and to remain competitive im sure you know you have to keep improving. It use to be enough to hit milestones cause that was all the gear you needed. So just shoot for milestones. Once the milestones shot up to 2 million a ridiculous number that only maybe 10 to 15 out of hundreds in my region can hit. That i have only hit once it become harder and harder to get the milestone rewards. It seems whales take priority over everyone else. New players leveling 3* and 4* even low tier 5* toons will never even sniff 2 million. If Scopley would increase the objective bonus points it would at least be feasible to attempt with lower level players but the current system just drives away the low level free to play and new to the game players. Ive been playing for almost 2 years and i noticed that with 6* you need 4th tier toons to put up big numbers in level ups. To reach 4th tier you need the 2 million milestone to get the gear to 4th tier your toons to get points to get the 2 million milestone. The last two events for 4th tier gear netted me 5 GPS 1 Canteen. RNG (Random Number Generator) at its best there. I only want to continue to improve my game to be better for my faction and help my team mates. My region has been hit with back to back to back to back level ups since 6*s were released. The last SR tourny was cancelled and we got faction level up for chips 1st place was 4600. Other regions got 2 Blitz Wars for more chips. All im saying is a little diversity in events for my region. The current format has taken a high capacity high activity region and driven away good players getting bored doing the exact same event over and over. Ok rant over…


As usual it will start at 7pm CEST imo


There are three 24hr events this week, I’m participating in none of them.

I’ll hit a very small amount just to get the minimum placing prize, but nothing more than that.


For those solo level ups I just try to stay within 100-11 or whatever the hell the rank is. I don’t try to do any better than that. Sometimes you have to sit one out or set goals to make placement where you want. I am holding out for faction level up. As for solo level up, I hope they change their mind and make last minute changes and give us the solo survival road tournament that they had to pull a week ago.