Solo lvl up during faction sr?


seriously? and again with that horrible milestones where dwight parts are included…

i saw some things last war that made me hope things will get better, as the raise of war cans but now you screw us again. this is just pathetic!


Dass Spiel wird echt langweilig und wird immer mehr muffig.
Die Leute sind auch immer weniger bereit Geld zu investieren.
Immer die gleichen Belohnungen im Solo Turnieren ist auf Dauer langweilig.
Es sollten Mal neue Belohnungen in den Turnieren.

Ich hab einen Vorschlag für ein Solo Level Up Turnier gemacht.
Die Meilensteine punkte können ja noch geändert werden.

Was haltet ihr davon?
Bitte um Feedback

Platz 1
75000 rote Plastikstücke
3 extrem seltene Gear Kisten

Platz 2 und 3
50000 rote Plastikstücke
2 ultra Rare Gear

Platz 4 bis 10
25000 rote Plastikstücke
1 extrem seltene Ausrüstung Kiste

Platz 11 bis 25
15000 rote Plastikstücke
1000 5-Sterne-Token

Platz 26 bis 50
10000 rote Plastikstücke
500 5-Sterne-Token


4 Millionen Punkte:
10000 Plastikstücke und Benedikt

2 Millionen Punkte:
5000 Plastikstücke und Aden

1 Millionen Punkte:
1000 Plastikstücke und Aden

500000 Punkte:
500 Plastikstücke und Burt

250000 Punkte:
500 Plastikstücke und Burt


There’s literally no real downside to having this unscheduled solo LU event. Everyone benefits from having this LU.


As long as another opportunity to get the Dwight shirts as milestones are insane especially as we had a solo just two days ago then another 4 days ago :frowning:


Lettuce pray the weekend becomes a raid :grin::crossed_fingers:


Or dual faction raid and faction level up.


Kali kali liba diba doubt yooouu


How about the fact that you probably lose some of your roster that would be useful in SR that you need to send on level up scavenger missions? Surely that is a downside?


If we were unable to obtain vests last level up that was less than 24 hours ago, what’s going to change with this level up? Why even have vests on there?


sure waste your roster for another pointless lvl up -.-


Got screwed. My YGL is just fired last lvl up, I don’t have enough time to RNG :game_die: it back. My latest mission cooldown is longer than the remain time of this lvl up, which means no more new mission until lvl up ends. No prestige mission in the cooldown list. I can’t even coin anything.

I tried so hard in last lvl up. I even ascended a 6 star which is not much useful for me, just to farm some points. And I just got 500K.

I don’t know if there are shirts out there after this two events. If not, bye bye Dwight. :wave:


User just worry about completing SR milestones because Shane said there was a catch up day coming, so there’s still hope. Plus you’ll be able to buy more for the collection soon.


Exact same boat as you, made a valiant push yesterday and did what I could and am completely locked out of scav missions for another 3+ hours (even when they pop up there is no guarantee one will be YGL)



Most of us can get through Legendary on SR even if we sacrifice 3-5 characters from our roster. (The characters you’re probably leveling with YGL weren’t high level to begin with so they likely weren’t much help in SR.) But let’s assume one player needs every single character in his roster.

That player can still level up characters via traditional means. That player can also ignore the LU, since we do have 2 separate events running at the same time. Even if you can’t put up enough score for a milestone, around 40k in my region gets me top 500, which is 2.6k 5* tokens.

So you can either:

  1. Continue playing SR, and pretend LU doesn’t exist and skip it
  2. Play SR, put in minimal effort in LU and get more 5* tokens
  3. Play SR, hit milestones and get more Dwight shirts and 5* tokens

All of those options beat the existing: “Just 1 SR.” It’s literally more opportunities for free 5* tokens and Dwight’s shirts. Take it or leave it.