Solo lvl and chill

Bennie for 201 - 1000
Hmmm…looks like there going to be who can stay the lowest competition :slight_smile:
Srsly doe a bennie. At help lower players who can’t get to top 100


Do you have any pics of the rewards?

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Unless there’s bennies in this bags, WTF? Used to be 4200 raid points, now it might be 4200 level up points…

Bags are probably 6* T3 gear. I definitely need Adens more than benedicts. Seen as that’s all 5* tokens are now. Useless dupes.

chill not sure

I think there is still possibility to go high and get more rewards, especially with the number of 5stars tokens given lately

It’s interesting. Anyone with half a brain cell will hit the 500k - the T4 gear those eggs give is the most valuable item in the game. But I wonder if it’s a tactic by Scopley to see how many chill for the Benedict.

Someone suggested we’d only get enough pink eggs for 2 collections, which would mean there is an abundance of purple eggs and therefore going for the Benedict is a viable tactic perhaps?


idk about others but i will surely go for higher number of adens or liliths any day :slight_smile:

Yup. Lilith/Adens are much rarer than Bene’s, especially with the million tokens they give out weekly, i get at least 2 shitty 5*'s for first lvl up point fodder than ascendance fodder weekly. That on top of random bene’s i’ve never had a problem with crap toons to feed to whatever 6* i want.

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Same. Will go for lilith’s or Adens.

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I’ll glady go for top 10 or top 100 depending on how high the scores go in my region. Grab some adens, gear, and part of a benny(that’s all 5 star tokens really are).


When the prize structure is so crappy that ppl are debating if the lowest tier prize is better than the highest tier. Well done scopely


It’s sad, but you hit the nail on the head. I have 4 extra Lilith’s so I’m on cruise control for that Benny lmao.

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Idk about yall but i want that Bennie i need them for all these 6* im getting need to ascend them instead of gear lol

Just going to place high enough for Benny. Legendary ascendance fodder and he sells for more. Don’t want to use Command Morgan or David.