Solo level up, why scopely, why?


My god… scopely, we waiting for FACTION LEVEL UP for many weeks, why solo level up again? The prizes are good, but we want faction level up, no solo, please listening your players.


flameguy and red clem good HAHAHAHA :pancakes::pancakes::joy:


It’s better than 6k of prestige points, better than 4 stars and one fucking mirabelle or pete


i take boobs over two shit 5s that aint even a 6 yet.


hello, red clem is very useless, blue flameguy mightve been good had his rush been burn dmg instead of bleed, also, SOLO?? weve been waiting for factionlevelup, so i agree with you there 100%. and tbh id prefer it if wed gotten lucielle pull tokens rather than prestige tokens… and the levelup 2million milestone is a friggin joke lmao a whetstone for 2mil levelup scores?? :sweat_smile: i dunno what scopelys thinking


LMAO 2nd place is worse then anything on the 5* token wheel


even pete has more use than clem Lol


Agree rewards are terrible and a faction level up was what we were all waiting and hoping for but I feel the milestones are the worst thing 2 mil for top milestones when the rewards are no better than what we used to get for a few hundred thousand. You are driving people away with this system and spenders mostly who work and who just don’t feel they have the time!
How is this good logic for you or the game in general


2 million milestone is harsh, I couldn’t even hit a million, only time people will get thst is if they hace 3 tier 2 6 stars and level them up to tier 3 maxed, and that’s cutting it.


I would take pretty much all of those over Red Clem lol


Les paliers sont vraiment abusés


We’re working on rewards.

There will also be a lot of changes regarding this event in the near future. Should help regarding rewards.


We been told that for awhile now. They improve for a bit then drop down significantly and causes disruption for everyone.


You have but I’ve only been here for about a month and a half. Things don’t move as quickly as we feel it should I know – just gonna have to be patient with me. I wish it moved faster too.


Why don’t they move faster? To us there is no reason why it can’t be changed immediately. They have changed prizes before and made immediate changes in times of errors. See how this frustrates everyone?


Is it that hard to change the tokens? Change the value of the milestones? Give me a canteen or gps for 2 million not a whetstone(spoiler alert you need 5 more, plus the other items to tier 4 a toon). Clem hasn’t been relevant for a good 12-18 months, so who in their right mind would think she is worthy of 2nd place? Romanov hasnt been useful for a long time either so why he’s first boggles the mind as well.

Also would it be possible to adjust Objective rewards? The minimal points still given in the current meta are ridiculous. Why bother with doing them anymore when you can put a few levels on a 6* and blow them out of the water with points gained vs the resources used.


I believe that it is not your fault, and I agree with the awards system they are using. the problem is the prizes themselves. and the milestones, bad ones with such a high value.


Clearly its not hard for them to change the milestones from 500k to 1 million to 2 million. I just cannot believe these kind of comments. You have been here atleast 2 months and every single event there is a backlash about poor rewards. You guys supposedly “Fixed war” in about the same time which is a major par of the game. So I see absolutely no reason why these kind of rewards are still happening. I also will add that most 5* now are about the same as a 3* they are only fodder or ascendable so handing 4* is just a slap in the face.


Didn’t the event calender say faction level up? Pulled everything out of legendary with the belief it was a flut, ends up being solo with very underwhelming rewards and milestones.


A comparer j’aurais préféré avoir un autre week-end de guerre que des récompenses aussi merdique.