Solo level up this weekend according to VK post

VK leaked the prizes for the weekend events. According to the calendar we have a beloved “Faction Level up” and “faction survival road”…

Think again my friends. This beatiful photo from VK shows a “solo” level up this weekend.

Now VK could be wrong, which is rarely seen but i think we just took a dick slap to the face from the scopely calendar

04 AM


Who is in charge of this calendar???

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Whos callin the shots!? Scopes vs VK :joy::joy::joy:

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Scopely? Wrong? That’s ludicrous


Now this on top of the Mitchell region SR tourney with actual decent rewards while everyone else served another “why bother?” set of rewards in weekend faction tourney. Are they oblivious or actively driving players away?


Always the same complaints…It says in the right bottom
*Information on this calendar is subject to change at any time

What’s the point of an event calendar that’s wrong and behind what hackers provide? Frankly I don’t care if it can change at any time. If it needs changed, I suspect it could have beeen updated a while back.

I’ve been getting my faction ready all week for a second faction level up. What a load of BS.

Hey @kalishane. Maybe you and LiveOps start talking to each other one of these days? What a joke. I assume Kali’s job is to keep the peasants happy whilst the company desperately tries increasingly using ineffective means to stay profitable.


Agreed we held some back as thought was getting a second too. We defiantly would have finished a whole tier higher too


With prizes great as this they can change it anytime, without warning, everything is superb. Example if you look at museum you will see that there are still 7+ days to collect robots but they are feeding a mob with nuggets, so everything is ok until we get our portions of nuggets.

So no SR tourney as well? :confused:

No, faction SR is still the same.

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Ok not a total loss then. Any pics of rewards yet?

Yes. Check VK. Hahahahahahahaahahahahahah

Apologies. I can’t figure out how to post images here.

Awwwwww :confused:

Hey guys, it does indeed look like the faction level up scheduled for this weekend has been changed to solo level up. As for the calendar not being updated, I can only surmise that since @kalishane has posted that she would be on holidays until the 30th December 2017, that it’s not been updated due to her being AFK.

I have posted the predicted start times and rewards (with pictures) for both the Solo Level Up and Faction Survival Road for this weekend. Hope that helps! @Snizzle


i do get people going on vacation and it is very normal thing to do but a big BUT issue is not about kalisahne going on vacation but scopely not handling this situation. There needs to be backups / shifts if you are serving a 7/24 online game. There should always be someone to do the jobs even at the minimal way. A lot of people work and go on vacation but companies operating 7/24 do not lock the door on the exit and forget what happens inside.


There is literally no reason for it to need to be changed from faction to solo to begin with. Also notice that it is only ever factions that become solo events, never the other way around.

What in the world is with these food bags as milestones and prizes everywhere all of a sudden? Completely useless.

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