Solo Level Up Suggestion 2020

Hello Scopely

Solo Level Up is straight forward and is exactly what it says on the tin, but it has become ridiculous…
Over the last several solo level ups it has become apparent that to gain a top 3 position you have to rack up somewhere in the region of 15+ Million points.

My suggestion is that if you were to set a bench mark of say 7 Million points for example then the players who reach that goal all receive the tier 1 prizes. It could also be done for 2nd & 3 places.

The coiners are dominating this event which from my perspective was worth doing at one point.



Level up is all about Preparation, money doesn’t control this one as much as other events, start now and in a few months you can take any LU :hugs:
Tips go for the 2nd solo in the week
Go hard at the beginning to put others off
Keep those trainer camps running


Higher milestones might be nice

I must be in the wrong region then lol
All camps running at max. Only do one a week and my prep is pretty good.

Damn you got bases covered🤗

LOL the last 4 solo’s in my region was 11 Mil for 3rd. :pensive:

Ouch yeah to many Whales😔

It’s the ridiculous amounts of trainers they hand out now. Scores in my region started going through the roof as soon as the Total War stuff started.

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I don’t mind the trainers they are now giving out. I just do what I can with my toons and then wait for the next level up. If I finish top 10 then its a bonus but I don’t aim for it.

Total war really inflated level up scores. Also there’s been decent toons in prizes

Your suggestion will never be accepted since level up, just like ever event, is a solid source of their earnings. If people can buy trainers to do over 10M points as everything working as intended for them.

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I know this but I can still hope :thinking:

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The biggest and most significant change that could happen is the faction event having better possessions than the soil. Is it not to play as a team in this game?

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I rack up 5Mil in FLU, while usually stopping at the 2.1M milestone during normal SLUTs (Benny milestone) and 1.4M during event SLUTs (Arena ticket milestone, since trainers are replaced by the event bullshit collectable)

Faction events have better rewards than solo events, usually substantially better rewards. Average the solo rewards over the faction and you will see.

More ranking would be nice maybe an extra 2 one between the 250 and 50 rank and then between 50 and 25.

Bring in a 4th slot Scopes, you tight!

I don’t even bother going for top ten anymore. The whales control the top tiers of everything. I just focus on leveling the toons I want to level and completing the first few milestone rewards. I usually try to get at least 800k.

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I also do this. I don’t have the food or trainers or gear to keep up.

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I hit 1.4M on solo, to get the arena ticket. Unless the trainers are “stolen” by the event items, I also try to hit 2.1M in 3/4 solos too…