Solo Level Up Rewards


Still bad prizes, sky high milestone awesome. Only upside is Benedicts.


the blue clem is great tbh.


maybe when she was released but now? not much of a game changer since everywhere is 6*s nowadays. But as i said since there are good amount of benedicts its a not as bad as previous tournaments.


Skylar… SMFH


Indeed had 3 or more of here can’t remember the count :rofl:


hope they will keep rewarding benedicts more often tho. Real prize is benedicts here.


Honestly, I’m glad the prizes are shit again. (YAY POSITIVITY!)

Like most of us I’m pretty tapped out and need a few level-up events off to rebuild my resources stockpiles.

Nothing would annoy me more than if they suddenly turned around now and made the prizes good after the prizes being reliably shit for the last month or more.


This is a step in the right direction, imo. It looks like the personal milestones aren’t changing any time soon, but it is good to see Benedicts and legendary trainers involved for top prizes.


I almost want t say it’s the same exact milestones from last weekend. No watch, once again for 1.25 million. Do you all even pay attention to the rewards you roll out or have you all just stopped giving a shit? Or better question, when did you start?


I definitely feel like 2 mil milestone is a over the top. I’ve only seen it hit by 2 or 3 players on my region. When I first started playing the final milestone was very attainable, now I feel like it out of my reach completely. All the other top milestones from other events can be achieved with little to no spending on my part, just time and effort, but the level up one I’d have to spend all my gear I have just to touch the 2nd to last milestone, which would leave me without the character or the gear to level up anything in the next level up the following week.

I still really enjoy level ups. It’s just disappointing that even though I almost always place in the top 100 and even placed in the top 10 a few times even placing that high on the boards and not hitting the final milestone is ridiculous. It shouldn’t be a hope and a dream to one day hit the final milestone. If scopely wants a milestone to be exclusive to top player, pay attention to how many points the top players are putting up. Right now without seeing anything other than my own region I’d say less that 1% of the players are hitting it, sometimes no one hits the last milestone. Whats the point of having a reward that even top tier players struggle to reach. I’d like to see it adjust so that the top 10 have all hit the last milestone. The last milestone has always been a kind of checkpoint for me as a player and often times a minimum point score for faction, but this is not the case in level ups. Bring it back into balance with other events, Please.

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Radio again?( where u at, watches :watch:️?


It will be a race for 3rd.


Lemme plays Devil’s advocate for a minute here and suggest that the last milestone is as high as it is so as to hinder the ability of any one player getting several t4 6* this early in the new economy. So by Scopely’s logic, there’s balance built into the milestone rewards. I’m in no way saying I agree with it, and am merely attempting to think like they do to try and understand it.


I’d agree with you on that. When they finally release a Legendary gear map 1mil won’t be to hard and 2mil will be obtainable by fully leveling 2 level 1 t4 6stars. Until then its just a tease of a milestone.



Any idea on start time?


9pm Moscow Time


It’s sad when the Benedict and flak jacket are the only 2 things I really want from these.


prices got better, but milestones keep quiet high


I’ll happily take the Ulysses too & the 5* tokens.

Not great rewards, but acceptable imo.