Solo level up rewards for tomorrow

Anyone have a clue who the next toon will be for next solo level up tomorrow?

If it’s a good toon I’m going to go all out. If it’s crap or a dupe like it’s been lately I’ll just continue to save. Got six 6* t4 level 1 just waiting

Pretty sure last one was Sandy so most likely Sandy

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Might want to wait for 10. And the benedicts needed to rush 5m at the end of a tourney.

I have over 30 Benny’s so I’m good there.

They have been choosing a different toon each week. If they run more than one solo level up in a week then it’s the same. Should be different this week

They did Eugene two Mondays running unfortunately. So could be Sandy again. I’m in the same boat as you. Waiting…

who gives a fuck?

I won’t matter

they never matter

As soon as VK posts the rewards can someone please show them thanks :sunglasses:

Lol you are matter but you don’t

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fair enough

I’ll leave that typo in for the lolz ^o^

They choose a different toon after 2 or 3 times. Not after each week.

Yeah the same Garbage that it always is 5* tokens :rofl:

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