Solo Level Up Rewards for 15-16Nov


They are on VK.

Dual sub machine gun Rosita for 1st, Blue Lori for 2nd.


Top 100 again for me then. This is getting repetitive :joy:


Those milestones… dear lord :woman_facepalming:t3:


I hadn’t noticed just how bad the milestone rewards are, there is literally nothing in there that is of interest to me before the 2 million marker that I can’t hit again for another couple of weeks at least, oh well at least there is another 2 solo and a faction level up in the next week and a half for us to look forward to.


Isn’t this the 3rd solo in a row now without a watch at an unreasonable goal?


Milestones are getting worse and worse :frowning:


Another tournament, another instance where scoeply doesn’t listen to the players. People are out of six stars by now. The milestones are unattainable and the t3 gear is desperately needed. Ridiculous.


is the 2mil milestone gonna be the only way to get t4 gear?


there are some in Faction Assault depot aswell but it won’t be easy to buy from there either.


We need to stop complaining about these things anymore. It is now common knowledge that the developers cater to the whales first with new content. Therefore, the milestones (which are usually the prizes the average players strives for) will be crap. Keep surviving…


Scopely is CLEARLY listening to us! Look at how GOOD these rewards are!


Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather have a raid or territory event to break up the monotony. Two Level Ups scheduled for next week, BTW.


Be happy… the barbwire it is completely useless right now…
We have already over 1k in the museum.
I have the terror that the milestones rewards contain the leather jacket :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Same here consider that 500k milestone rewarding jacket :smiley:


Broken SR tourney, now terrible rewards for level up.

Nothing new to see here. We honestly just need to quit playing this game. Seriously…


I do enjoy this game and would hate for a mass exodus of players. We just have to remember that this game is designed for the whales because they pay the light bills at Scopely. Keep in mind that the loyal F2P (and even the casual spender) player base is not the customer base that Scopely is truly interested in.


Sorry rewards don’t benefit whales either so not getting your post… I’ve seen more whales quit than before.

If scopely actually cared about its players and its pricing model they would actually make more money of off everyone and not just whales. Happy players bring in more cash. Pretty common strategy in retail.


I’m not saying that Scopely “cares” about whales or the players. They only care if they spend. Their business practices are focused on cashing in on impulse spending…like QVC and HSN.


no game can survive for long without enough F2P players. Consider 10 whales in 1000 people and they race to be #1 in 1000 people if all F2P players gone it will be a race between 10 and it won’t cut whales’ ego. Games need to balance it to be more successful in the long run and for company profile. But in this case i doubt Scopely cares for any.


@kalishane past 3 level ups have had radios can we possibly get a watch at some point. They used to rotate this and it was nice to help the balance. Please please please see about this I know it was mentioned last level up as well.