Solo level up rewards - 09/10/2018 - 09/12/2018


Solo level up prizes from VK have been leaked.

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Abraham, lol. Great prize guys…


Yep. I know! One of the first F2P toons to become a 6* :joy::joy::joy:


Wow just terrible. For the first time I would actually prefer tokens in my crates. Watch me get the damn toon. :joy::joy:


I’m the same! I haven’t gotten any of the toons in level up, but I’ll get this bugger I bet! Hahaa


I got dev and anna. Will not be going for this one. But yea, prolly get him from some box. He can be good on a time out team tho, can’t he?


Oh yeah, but one of him is enough. Not worth the medals for a 2nd ascend haha


This where I hope for 5* tokens instead of a toon but have a feeling that the percentage of getting him is higher than 5* tokens.


5* token again.


lol, wonder how many will cry if they “luckily” pull abe…o god, my popcorn is ready


Abe? really? Was not expecting that…total letdown. smh
I thought this was a chance to give different TOONS SINCE YOU GUYS DON’T RELEASE LEGACYS CUZ Y’ALL DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM. ffs
3 solo ups of abe? where the fuck is JB at to stop this shit?


I have 2x 6* Abraham’s, one i ascended on the begining of the 6* and the other i got from pull’s already 6*. I do not use either, so it is a crap prize even for f2p players.


5* tokens with a chance for a Benedict, hey it could even be a Lilith if you get the 6* :+1:t2:version


I dont have him so if i pulled him im will be happy.(every 6* is usefoul in difrent situacions)


Wow that’s fkd… I’d rather the 5* tokens Ugh now I gotta hold back on leveling up my new characters to make sure I don’t get top 3. Thanks scope for making things even worse, you do realize the point of prizes is to incentivize competition… not actively dampen it…


And still the 6mil+ scores will continue to roll in…:man_shrugging:


Wow Now i don’t feel so bad for getting Harlan on my last survival tokens pull.
As long as they are giving out crap toons, Maybe he should have been the prize since he’s newer.


Same here Abe was one of my first 6-stars and he was practically useless back then now he has zero use. I too pulled a 6-star version of him on the one 10 pull I had ever done in the game. He’s still sitting at lv 50 t1.

Garbage toon. 100k for the candles and done.


To think I was actually excited about what tough toon they was going to put up and maybe go for. But this… this is just sad.
Borefest for 2 days. Well done Scipley well done.
@IronandWine you know what to do :+1::joy:


two days off for me then, got to make sure tha i dont accidentally cash in my xp scav missions.