Solo Level Up Objectives


I thought I had read that the objectives that you get were roster based therefore making them attainable. Did that change or did I just assume that was true?

I currently have an objective that I can’t complete because I don’t have any toons that fit the criteria.


No it is not roster based, sorry.


That sucks. But thanks.

Seems redundant to give unattainable objectives tho. LoL


The points they give are awful anyway especially when you consider the amount of points needed for the milestones. They need to revamp the points given for the objectives and if they wanted to make them roster based so you could always do them that would be alright i guess.


I agree. I had like 5 new toons this time around so I figured I’d prep them for the next faction level up and try to do the objectives if there was any that came up for the ones I was working on. Usually the AR challenges are easy with a new toon but I have one now for citizens and no citizens that need ARs.

They definitely should award better point values and make sure it’s an attainable objective.