Solo level up milestones too high?


Ive seen the rewards for the upcoming solo level up and it seems like you are going to have to get 250k points in order to get the roadmap items. I believe that this is way too high. Expecially for a solo level up, is there chance that this may be changed in order to make the collection more achievable,





I think the milestones have been changed in lieu of the 6 stars being introduced and the truck of points you can get with a level up on them


Yeah I know that but I still think that the milestone is a little too high for a solo level up. Usually when there is a collection item in a tournament it has a lower requirement than 250k


No they aren’t. With 6 stars you can get almost a million points just by levelling them up over tier 2 and 3. Its really, really easy to do.

Even levelling 5 stars you can get to 250k by maxing out without much difficulty.


The milestone amounts are good, but the rewards need to be better. They aren’t worth hitting with the rewards they currently have


It’s not so much that it is unobtainable yet it’s the fact that 6* characters are not given out like candy and the gear required to level them is purposely getting rare.

I have 5 mirabelle I could ascend just to hit milestones but why?

People saying milestones are easy need to evaluate the whole scenario.


Depends on your game play strategy.

Why wait for level ups to level your characters at all?

Some of us wait specifically for them to level characters, some of us just level as we get food. Some just level who we want and be thankful for the freebies we get during a tournament for doing so. Some set up a week ahead (or longer) level ups with uncollected scav missions, stacked 2 star characters and stashed food with a dozen or so 3 and 4 tier 5 and 6 stars just to get the milstones and top prizes.

You can’t expect to just get milestones easily with minimal effort. The game has to evolve and raising the bar is the best way to keep the challenge there.


When you have 8+ level up events a month and litterly 0 gear road maps your theory already starts to crumble.

Be realistic.


to get 250k you basically need to max 2 full 5* or more relistically hit level 63 on both and thats for the first milestone, lets assume you max your 6* from tier 2 thats actually 760k so you also need to max 2 5* as well for one mill so you either double rhat or max 3 6* from tier 2 to get the final milestone of 2 mill,
can you do that weekly? do you have 27 5* for each event? to achieve the final milestone, or the gold medals to do so?
If they were giving 6* out it would be viable but it isnt happening so it isnt viable if your lucky and spent a ton you could get the 2 mil twice a month at best but thats not gonna happen so your gonna have to save for one top milestone a month

Thats also assuming you have access to YGL, if you dont the amount of food and survivors you will need to get these will take over a month to accumilate


This should never be a resort


1st up what’s YGL?

Beyond that I think you nailed it.

The problem is that given the constant level-ups its very hard to accumulate the resources needed to hit these big numbers not only every week but often more than once per week.

Literally there isn’t enough time in the day to do all that farming.

The goals shouldn’t be based on how easy it is to hit them using 6*s. they should be based on how much resources you can realistically farm and thus have to hand.

Seems me to that the simplest solution would be to have every single scav mission have XP as one of the rewards.
That’d also work in terms of business model because the players who need to win more than they need to have money in real life could just coin complete and coin refresh endlessly.


@Akearns I may have a skewed view on this because yes I do have a ton of unlevelled 5 stars. For over a year I have been able to choose my spot in a tournament, and we got a glut of 5 stars, and all the ascention medals and fodder we have been able to fit in our roster. I have also been stockpiling 2 stars and food for that amount of time. When it only took 400kish to win a tournament for months, then we had that luxury.

But still, is it fair the same people should be able to win the top prizes at all times? Whats the issue with having to wait a week or two to restock enough to win again? I see no problem with this myself…


YGL- You got lucky its the 100k xp scav mission, and yeh you simply cant compete in every level up event, im saving for this weekend fac level u personally so that means next few weeks im not gonna be able to compete


Do you know how much that cost? First need to max out toon. Then have to get rid of 8 toons and get those to a good level in tier 3. Then you have to level up said 6*. Thats a whole lot of food and toons. Not so easy even if you farm regularly.


@Bob, as I said, I have a distinct advantage over the ‘regular’ player from an open well stocked region. We spent over 12 months with maybe 10 competitive players so we were guaranteed a top 10 spot in EVERY tournament. And we just shared the top 2 amongst ourselves. No real effort was needed to get points either. top scores for raids were around 2k, top level ups were 500k, etc. it was easy.

Regardless, my point above stands. Its unfair for the same person to get top score in every single tournament. Why not wait and stock up, thats what the average player has to do. The milestones aren’t a given, they are a challenge.


1Mil, 2 Mil, even 10Mil milestone is fine. They’re all optional. The problem isn’t about the number, it is about the prize that corresponds to the number.

I preferred it when prizes were more milestone orientated rather than placements, like a 5* for 1Mil.


I agree that the milestone for collection items is too high. By all means move the finish line to 2 mil; I don’t have legendaries to level up or resources or gear so I don’t really care about hitting those markers. But I would feel less alienated from the event if I could hit the first few. It’s rather disheartening, for someone with my kind of limited set up, to see numbers like that.


Am more concerned with the collection pieces being at 250k, that effectively blocks a lot of people from lower factions from completing the rifle collection unless they are planning to have a roadmap to make up those couple extra parts later on.


There are usually extra pieces.