Solo level up milestones still bugged


In almost every solo level up for the past 2 months, there comes a point where a 3k or 8k objective resets and does not accurately reflect what the current objective is. At this point, logging out, being on a fast connection, clearing cache/data, and reinstalling does nothing.

Sometimes I contact support and they reset objectives to fix it. Sometimes they say they reset it and it doesn’t fix it. Others have posted about it here. Many ignore it because the reward scores for this are so low now compared to current objectives.

But it is broken and it is being ignored. @JB.Scopely , or anyone else?


Are you talking about getting the exact same objective after completing it or that you leveled 30 ultra rare characters, and 0 count in the objective?


I think so. This issue hit me in both the last 2 lvl up event


If you try thru trial and error you’ll find that when this occurs, you do have an objective, but it’s not the one being displayed.



Thanks for the heads up.

I heard about other similar reports from players where level up objectives do not seem to trigger indeed.

I will have it investigated, thanks!


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