Solo level up milestone - Arena ticket?!

ONE world energy refill instead of the arena ticket?!
I’m sure that must be a mistake, @GR.Scopely as nobody could ever think that 1 of those refills is more useful, or at least equally useful as an arenas ticket…

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Yeah I did see that too , Arena is 100% P2p mode now .
As intends from day 1 .
Keep on surviving

That’s exactly my problem with it… At first, you could have gotten 3 tickets from events milestones… then they dropped to 1… now this.
I can do without a world refill, as i can take territories, etc, and make up for it. But I don’t intend paying 250 coins for 1 arena entry… That’s crap!

1st entry is free in arenas quit complaining

Poor trolling…
I’d really like to see how you can get 2 million points, in Diamond, during endurance, in one free arena entry.

U won’t get 2 million with 2 entry either

I know you won’t… but you at least had a chance for more entries with tickets in milestones.

Another “reward structure doesn’t suit my personal game style so it must be changed” post.

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“My personal game style”?! Dude, if you were paying attention you’d see I NEVER asked or advocated for changes that best suited me, but all of us.
You care to tell me that you’d rather have 1 world energy refill than 1 arena ticket?!
P.S: I didn’t ask for it to be changed, I was just asking if it was a mistake.
P.P.S: I didn’t ask for it to be changed, as IT HAS BEEN CHANGED for this event. I was just asking why was it changed and if it could revert to normal.
P.P.P.S: If you don’t have any constructive criticism, or at least a decent opinion that you can express in a non passive aggressive manner, please mind your own business as I don’t fancy trolling.


Everyone should get one entry in arenas. Period. Make it even Steven f2p. Sorted.

Scopely really should give us one area where money can’t make you look better.

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For what ur name says that u r handsome , u aren’t smart pffff… read the topic properly… he never demanded a change , it’s just his opinion and I also agree to it … they have been changing rewards too much lately…
First removal of radio and watches from lvl up miles .2nd removal of trainer bags (we got 10 trainers, 2* or 3*) or atleast a good number of them usually. Then
3rd replacing better rewards with weaker ones … I know they need money but the changes they have been making these days r so pay related only (buy 2 green leaves to play so called " gear event " for an example)
They r forcing players to pay for every single thing in this game … I hope u r ok with it but I know most of us aren’t…so save ur trolling for another post

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@Bogdan - Thanks for your post. I will check with the team :slight_smile:

This game is slowly dying…
Solo lvl up - raids - solo lvl up and finally war
Cant they run hordes or onslaught or something else in same time?
Gear event? Very bad joke and in half event for money.
Milestones suck, still 3 rewards milestone/rank in 4 years game…
As 3 years player im very bored and even tired of this game…
It was great but they keep ruin it :confused:

this was one area where they could of made this about skill.

No tickets. No coining another entry.

Just everyone gets 1 entry and you place where you place. if you mess up then so be it.

Would sure make this area of the game fun instead of just oh look i havent hit first ill just use a ticket or pay for another go.

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