Solo Level Up Event - Improper Rankings

Ranking system got messed up towards the end of the event.
My last ~250k points weren’t counted towards my ranking … thus kicking me out of Top10 rewards places.

It’s because you used vet rings. Known bug. Sorry buddy


Need to check the forums daily dude to find out the Latest Bug. They’re EVERYWHERE!


So how comes it only happened towards the end of the event? It was all good with all the other rings throughout the event.
What do you mean “known bug. Sorry buddy”?
The fact that it is a known bug doesn’t make it better! It makes it worse, because it means that even though the developers knew about it, they didn’t care much to stop it from affecting players.
Gimme a break, would you? “Sorry buddy” … tss

I totally understand and it was by choice that I had not joined the forums up until now.
However, just because bugs are not always predictable it doesn’t mean that I am not entitled to a resolution. At least as far as I’m concerned :slight_smile:

One barely gets time to complete fundamental tasks in-game … most times I’m not even thinking of completing one of these more complex events that we’re seeing lately.
Checking up the forums does not make the to-do list in any of the days.

Basically, when you level up with a ring it doesn’t count towards your score until you level up the normal way. I suspect, from the issue, that your final score came from using veteran rings?

It’s a known bug because its been reported ages ago, when veteran rings first were released.

I’m sorry because this shitty company doesn’t care enough to fix things before players like you get screwed


See here:

Or here:

For a couple of example threads of the “fun” veterans rings cause on level ups

Sucks but yeah wont change now.

Ohh, I’m sorry, I was a bit defensive earlier.
I was under the impression that opening a new thread here would be more or less an official complaint and that it would escalate up to a resolution.
I, obviously, misjudged that aspect of a forum space :).

Would you happen to know where shall I knock to file this complaint?

Thanks, and again, my apologies for earlier.


Lol. Nothing ever gets sorted out on the forum


This is just a place for scopely to spoon feed us lies

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You can tag @GR.Scopely and he’ll take it to the team, but given that one of the threads I linked above was November, I suspect a fix will be issued mid-2021. If we’re lucky


Can I find somewhere the official channels for reporting complaints?

U have line?


Yeah, that’s why I was trying to stay away from the “Forums” …

Yo … how’d you get into my house?

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What that? Coke?

Thanks for quoting me

Here a stack of coins.