Solo level is BS!


So Scopely expects us to meet 2 Million in 24 hours for milestone rewards? Wtf?! 2 Million is too high even with 2-3 days. I’ve only seen 2 Million reached 3 times in my region.


Haha. I’m just going to go for the 250k, and save the rest for their next bs level up.


I think we can safely say that if you don’t hit 1,250,000 you won’t get Dwight , ok fair enough shouldn’t be for all of us but man scopely the milestone rewards are utter garbage

Good luck to all I’m pulling out after 250k



They are catching cheaters! Chill everyone, anybody who hits more than 1 mil after all these LU is a cheater :smiley:
#ILuvScopely #SendMeLENeganInPM


I personally will only be able to hit 750k, im not too worried about not being able to finish the collection. I’m sure the faction sr and another LU will have some.


The whole rewards system just keeps getting higher. I guess they are looking for the upper ceiling of what players will hit.

Remember scopee don’t give two stinks. I encourage posting and stating it’s absurd but end of the day they don’t care.

The whole zero energy map is a recent prefect example of misinformation and mess scopee makes of things.


lol @ 500k its like a diy kit to become a hipster in Chicago lol :smirk:


I’m in love with this post. haha

edit* the one above. Not the upset! Discourse isn’t showing that I’m replying.


Just don’t feel there’s enough time between events to farm properly, I’m insanely depleted.