Solo / faction raid tournys


Why are these almost non-existent now? We went from swapping from raid tournys and levelups ever other day when war was in a dump truck somewhere, not it’s constantly spend money on recruits to level up and 0 raids?

Kind of annoying…


Yes! Can we swap a few level up tourneys for raid tourneys? In the current level up, I can’t even crack 150k, much less the 500k I usually would. Getting sick of level ups because I can’t compete at all due to lack of rss. Let me put some of my hard levelled and ascended toons to good use with a raid tourney or two. Let me feel the benefit of all that hard work. Let me enjoy the fruits of my labour, rather than feeling that I must toil in the paddock long after the season is over.

Sorry, that was probably a touch dramatic. What I’m really trying to say is: Please! Raid tourneys! Give level up a REST!