Solo events vs faction events


Wish i could start a poll on this but im not entirely sure how to. Someone help with that please.

It was recently stated by kalishane that more players like to go all out in solo events vs faction events. I may be highly mistaken but i see things as the opposite. One thing that makes this game great is working with your faction mates in events.

So it would be great if someone who knows what they are doing could throw up a poll so we can truly see if more people prefer solo vs faction.


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3rd option. Both?


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The dude is old!

But the real answer is ppl go harder for solos because the rewards are so much better. AND the fact that in most regions top placements are given beforehand in fac events.

Solos gives the small “guys” a chance in most of solos:)

But ye, give more fac events!


For future reference in settings on your post there is an option to insert poll


In the past it was only worth going for solo events because all factions events had garbage rewards. Now that all events have garbage rewards it doesn’t really matter, could go either way.


The dude is old!

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Hope those numbers not include all those russians, sorry for the legit russians out there. But if those no doubt hacked numbers are in the data, no wonder the data is what it is.


Believe me, I know it’s one of the best parts about the game.

The issue is, there’s more engagement in solo.

And it’s most likely most of those players are not on this forum – lone wolves and such.

I would vote for a faction tournaments myself – I think it’s more fun!

Are we getting a response?

Its not like we ask for only fac event, just even it out a tiny bit. If you plan 7 level ups in a month, yes 7! Atleast 2 or 3 could be faction.

Not 6 vs 1:/ its just to many solos, and to many of the solos are level ups!


What exactly does engagement entail? The number of people spending?


Solo only draws more because rewards for solo was always a better use of resources in terms of rewards. If the rewards were the same believe me more people would go for a faction reward then a solo.


Anyone remember when 5* yellow rick was a “mistake reward” in a faction level up? I promise there was more spending for that faction level then any solo level previous.


You join a faction to work as a team for rewards so now your stating people are more engaged in solo level ups etc,so now you join a faction just for war,this is a team game and solo game but yourmtaking away the team part by doing this with all your solo level ups,a weekend of solo level up come on this needs change you will find more people over the weekend doing other stuff,your revenue will be down,can’t any of you see what happening to the game it’s being destroyed by people who don’t play but make the decisions of data start listening to the player base.


Business tip if you want engagement and revenue, put a good reward faction level up the days before CRW or just normal war.

Trust me on this;) will have more engagement then solo. I bet if you look at the data the highest engagement is for the solo level ups right before and after war.

I atleast wanna get my shiet ready for war!


I would be curious as to how this is determined @kalishane, when you are looking at the actual “participation” of solo events vs. faction events. Are you looking at the individual RAW scores of those in the faction events? Because often times, in FACTION events, people are working as a TEAM to meet the Objectives, and are less focused on Individual scores. So if they Data they are looking at is the Player Scores in those events, of course they will be lower, because in Faction Events people are playing smarter. That does not mean they are less engaged. But when you can achieve an objective with 3*, 4*, and in some cases, even 2* characters, most players will do this in a Faction Event. Of course to overall picture will look as if players might be less engaged because individual scores are lower, but they are working as a Team for a Team Score. Solo Events are a whole different beast. Higher benchmarks for milestones means we have to pull out all the stops to hit them, so no way can relying on those 3* for objectives be the mainstay of scoring. 5* and 6* and Scavenger Missions are a MUST, and thus the scores are exponentially higher, giving the illusion of greater engagement. This has to be taken into consideration when interpreting the raw data.

tl;dr Solo Scores > Faction Scores =/= Greater Player Engagement; It’s an Illusion and False Interpretation of Data


Put up 1m -1.2m to win him. We hit the bonuses hard and had a great time as it was one of the only times it was worth it. Everyone was doing everything they could.

To others points the prizes otherwise never really were worth going hard after.


There’s more participation in solo than faction because you always have the ones who will hold out for solo events… punish them by making more faction events and having them being called out more frequently.