Solo and Faction League trophies broken?

I did a couple of raids and territory fights and noticed, that these do not reward solo and faction league trophies.

What’s up with that? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

The counter on the daily mission also doesn’t show an progress.

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If you do it in the one hour cool off period between the end of one stretch and start of another it doesn’t count.
If that’s not the case then the game is falling apart lol

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Isn’t there like an hour cool down when one stretch ends before the next one begins?

Yea that’s what I thought aswell, but didnt the stretch end 3 hours ago?

I just went back in game and tried again, trophies are back in place.

Could just be that the game is slow and takes time to process the data.

Could be yet another glitch in the game. Has any event been deployed without a glitch in the last three weeks?


Stretch ended 2hrs before this post. The raids were from 1hr ago that’s right in the time frame where league hasn’t started

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