Solange The Free To Play Survivor Video


Solange the F2P survivor gained by just logging in everyday and collecting 55 bloody snowballs will be obtained on Dec 25th which is a nice present. Let’s talk about Solange.


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I know some will think it’s wrong to look a gift horse in the mouth but let’s be real here. Solange is pretty much meh, especially when compared to every other reviver out there.


  • 85 ap and only 20% revive. :poop: Stinky!
  • Hold the line is wasted on her because without a shied she will be the first to go. Most f2p do not have a shield unless they were very lucky with a contest/single pull.
  • She’s green. Best you can do is AP down so not only will she be the first to die on def she will allow the enemy to build AR off of when AP down does not proc.


  • She is a revive and it’s about time F2P get one.
  • 3 Teammates get 60% def and heal 50%. Buff and heals are always appreciated.
  • No stupid bound weapon so you don’t have to waste mats on fixing it.

And one last purely cosmetic critique. She’s very bland looking and what is up with that hat? The artwork continues to take a turn for the worse.


You will need to give her an AP down weapon with huge bonus when being attacked to make some decent use of her.


Imo she’s on par with yellow tyrese.

Nothing wrong with that.


Ty is a few steps ahead of meh but thats still not saying much.

Ty is still better because:

  • Indomitable is better than Hold the Line (who saves revives for last?)
  • Taunt and Heal is a better active since his rush gives bonus hp anyway.
  • He can hold an absolute def weapon. Much better than ap down imo.
  • He’s not Green. Assume most f2p do not have a human shield. She’s an easy target to build ar and kill with f2p reds like Gov, Wandy or Richard and can be held in check with toons like Gov, Lori, Mira and Pukas.

Whales might get some use out of her behind shield Jebs along with Lydia for kicks but for the f2p whom she’s intended for she won’t make much difference. They will still get autoed and she still won’t help them defend.

Is she better than no f2p revive? Of course. Is she great? Of course not.


Run her behind eugene and equip her with stun on atk and huge ap on atk.