Solange suggested Mods

Hi All,

This past war, i fought a Solange with a shielf or health of 4k.
i dont know what Mods to use on her to make her health or shield

can anyone make a suggestion and show their mods for Solange or
any other toon with a high shield or health ?

Thanks in advance !


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Try to get all 5 mods from the same set, put defense on her, and give here a high defense weapon.

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Max her out to start…


good point !

i’m working on that.

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im gonna try it and see how high i can get her stats up.

She’s got 1600 defence when maxed, so with a 40% leader and 35% weapon she’s up at 3,000.

Gold defence set will give you 600, and a defence stat mod will be around 450/500. Adding those to your 3,000 and you’ve got your 4,000 defence.


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