So Zhu isn't F2p

Yet another month of nothing for f2p people. Can’t even give us a b tier 6* ? It’s just a little frustrating


With the amount of world energy cans needed to finish that road map I doubt f2p would have finished it in time anyways


i mean i have 65 cans but it’s just poor event

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The stash is better than the actual reward imo.


Lost effort is the best way for this scam of a company to make money.
All milestones for beads in all events and still short.
It was the territory people say made the difference but I’d say that’s not fair for the 99% that don’t spend.
All your effort for a month goes to waste but here they come with a “DEAL”.
So sorry of a company to punish players into paying.


I’m f2p and got mine 3 days ago just had to use refills to complete rm.


Well, im ftp and im in the half of roadmap. I was saving coins - 9k. I was buying bags with beads and beads/torches and got few beads because my faction was able to hold Baltimore. Stash completed 45/50 and got one beacon from museum bag.
So its possible for ftp if you save coins. But I did this all only for sclass items and torches from stash, I dont care about Zhu - he is trash.
Im focus on priya and im close to 2nd :grin:

I’m barely going to finish it and I started with the 500 prayer beads from the other event

I’m going to be able to finish without spending anything. My faction was able hold the first bead terry the entire time since top factions were fighting over cakes and cones. Gave us enough to collect the stash for free. :blush:

Just think, if you get two of these Zhu guys, you’ll almost be able to camoflauge your entire team. Almost


No, he is not free. We transfered, so we got double milestones from the 2 events that were ongoing.
We hold 1 tt for the entire duration.
Did all milestones. All missions completed also.
I am 12 yin yang tokens away from opening the stash .
I refuse to spend coins on beads.
But for sure Zho is not free.


Then how did I get him for free? :woman_shrugging:

I get not everyone can get him free, but there are people who are.

getting him really depends on whether I in a top fac or.not

I’m f2p is one in our region, so we held most special terrorties

so I’ll get zhu

You do realize is nonsense. There were a certain numbers of items you could gain in game without spending coins or money.
Those items are not enough to collect Zhu.

You must have bought some offers or some bags with coins.


Got Zhu, just need a good faction and with the flash roadmap we got the last part. Also the territories event was important.

I didnt use a cent for purchases or beads…

I agree. It’s rubbish. Pointless grinding as well. The bead cost of the roadmaps was way too high. Most of my fac are in the mid teens opening the bags so we’re a beacon short from that.

And why can’t scopely let us trade the beacons in for something useful?

This was an awful event.


I got him easy no coins no money

I haven’t fin8shed the map but was able to open it for free easily without buying any beads

Started with 500 beads from Sergio event, held one of the six bead territories, hit all milestones… and won’t even come close to getting Zhu. I guess you need to hold two territories at least. Oh well. Keep him.


I think what a lot of people are missing (myself included)

The weekly faction missions reset in two days, the road map is up for five more days.

Is it possible that with the weekly faction mission reset they will give us a crack at another beacon or two?

@JB.Scopely can you confirm that more beacons will be available…?