So you can get a Re-Ban?


Not asking to discuss other account bans, just asking where in the guidelines does it say that once and account is banned, that person cannot make another account. I could not find it after reading ALL the Forum guidelines. I see the information about duplicate but that wouldn’t apply as the first account was banned. On the second account, there was not ban-able offenses committed, in fact all the post were respectful, almost as if that person had learned their lesson.
Anyway, hopefully a dev, or anyone, can point me to the literature where the information is stated


Good luck.


I would hope not, Im not asking to know why someone was banned. I want to read the part that states you cant make a new account. Wasn’t able to locate on my own


Just follow the guidelines, not that hard. If you get a ban then that means you as a person are being banned, not the account, you did something to get a ban and if you create another account that will get banned too. Also, no discussing moderation or stuff like that. I don’t know why some people risk it to ask questions that have nothing to do with them. Also, thanks for this part

it will be added to the guidelines for further clarification!


Im not discussing moderation, I am asking for where it is written. If it is not written, then I will go from there


Don’t worry, it will be added since you mentioned it :wink:


I will add it to guidelines.

But no, being banned does not mean you can create another account without being banned. lol

It does say in the guidelines that no duplicate accounts are tolerated and will be removed.